Emergency data for your company just in case.
Including compliance.

What can SEQRID do for your company?

As an entrepreneur, you are familiar with the QR code and it is impossible to imagine modern, digital lifestyle without it. We at SEQRID want to be your reliable partner when it comes to the safety of your employees and customers.

Your employees may have an accident at work or suffer a medical emergency. Invented by an experienced paramedic, SEQRID guarantees easy and quick access to valuable information in case of an emergency: a QR code, which is located for example on a bracelet, on a glove or helmet of the injured person, can be read with any smartphone. This gives first responders the opportunity to provide efficient help quickly.

The name of the injured person, who should be informed in case of an emergency, previous illnesses, possible drug intolerance and allergies etc. provide important information for first responders and further action.

The employee manages the emergency data in the SEQRID safety pass and nothing is stored in the company's IT. The company only provides the SEQRID product (e.g. on work gloves, on a helmet,...) and doesn't need to care about data protection issues.

Your advantages

  • 1A useful product that helps your employees in emergency situations and contributes to a positive image (think of "employer branding").
  • 2Your employees receive a safety pass from SEQRID and manage the content by themselves on the SEQRID website. The company itself does not have to store any emergency data.
  • 3Individual company packages with branding, individual SEQRID products (e.g. bracelets, stickers for helmets, gloves, integration on the employee ID card, etc.) and special conditions.

The free SEQRID BASIC account provides you already the complete safety pass including your emergency information.

Furthermore you have the option to subscribe for SEQRID PLUS+ to get some great additionlal features for you and your loved ones.

The free SEQRID BASIC account provides your employees already the complete safety pass including emergency information.

In addition, with SEQRID PLUS+ you can offer your employees additional functions at special bundle conditions. We would be happy to provide consulting to implement SEQRID in your company - or start right away in our Online Shop with special offers for companies.

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Is the data of my employees save?


The protection of the personal data has high priority for SEQRID. The data is stored in a european data center and we meet the requirements of the GDPR.

The data is visible in the account of the employee and can only be edited by them. We will never give the data to any third party - except to display the safety pass.

If the safety pass of an employe is shown he/she will receive a notification by e-mail.


Can the SEQRID QR code simply be printed on the employee ID card?


Yes - with our "Code-Only" SEQRID product you receive the SEQRID codes as a list and can apply them yourself. You can easily order these codes in our online shop and receive the codes as an Excel Document.


How can I present my company brand in SEQRID?


SEQRID offers several ways to present the corporate brand:

  • Each SEQRID product made available to the employee can be presented with the company logo. This is displayed to the employee for every activated SEQRID product.
  • The company logo including a short message can be displayed on the start page of the employee account.
  • We offer the production of customized SEQRID products in corporate colors.

Please contact us for an individual consultation.


Does my company have access to the employee's emergency data?


No. The company can only read the employee's data when retrieving the safety pass by scanning the QR code. However, SEQRID will immediately inform the employee via email about each registered scan.


Can anybody scan a SEQRID-product unnoticed?


To prevent arbitrary retrieval of a safety pass but provide the maybe lifesaving data immediately when needed, SEQRID uses a two-step query process: If a SEQRID-code on a product is scanned we show only the personal message and the contact to a trusted person. If the emergency data is requested the person who scans has to provide the location.

SEQRID informs the employee by e-mail about every scan.

SEQRID recommends where to wear your SEQRID-code. For bracelets we recommend the left wrist. For helmets on the forehead or on the left side area below the ear. This positions make it very hard to scan your product unnoticed.


When and where should my employee wear my SEQRID product?


Basically the employee should wear your SEQRID product as often as possible because emergency situations are by definition unpreditable. Especially recommended is the use of SEQRID if the employee is in an exposed situations, e.g. assembly work, on construction sites, field service, etc.

SEQRID recommends where to wear your SEQRID-code. For bracelets we recommend the left wrist. For helmets on the forehead or on the left side area below the ear. These positions are communicated to relief forces.


What are the requirements that the emergency information is retrievable by a SEQRID-code scan?


To scan the SEQRID-code on your product you need a device with a QR-code scanner. Often these scanners are already integrated into the camera function of a mobile phone. Alternatively there are a lot of apps for all operating systems.

Additionally the scanning device needs a connection to the internet to request data from a web-server. In case of mobile phone a data connection needs to be available. The response time is dependend of the signal strength and the quality of the used mobile network.


Many mobile phones have emergency information - why should I use SEQRID?


SEQRID uses a simple and robust code that can be scanned by first responders. Especially in emergency situations there is a high risk that a mobile phone breaks, has no power or can simply not be found.


Can the employee borrow a SEQRID product to someone else?


The SEQRID-product is activated for the employee and is linked to the safety pass. We want to emphasize that the safety pass contains potentially lifesaving personal emergency data. This is why the employee should never give a product with a SEQRID-code (e.g. a helmet or bracelet) to other people.

The employee can deactivate a SEQRID product in the account anytime. Afterwards the SEQRID product can be reactivated in another account.


How many SEQRID-products can my employee use?


Every employee can activate as many SEQRID products as he/she likes (e.g. on helmets, gloves, employee-id, etc.)


Can the employee delete the data anytime?


Yes. The employee can delete the data and also close the account anytime.