A meaningful added value for your product
and for your customers.

Integrate SEQRID in your own products

SEQRID provides valuable information for first responders in various emergency situations. The idea of SEQRID is based on many years of experience of paramedics and helps both people in an emergency situation as well as first responders to act as efficiently as possible in an exceptional situation.

It doesn't matter whether the SEQRID code is on helmets, gloves, work clothing and similar products. If you want to provide a meaningful added value for your product - this QR code offers you a wide range of options: e.g. your product remains observable over the life cycle, your product gains an unmatchable safety benefit and your product becomes unique!

We provide the SEQRID QR-codes for integration into your products. You decide how you use the SEQRID codes: whether sewing, printing or gluing - the choice is yours.

Your advantages as a manufacturer

  • 1Stand out from the competition with a really useful additional benefit. Each time the customer wears your product, they can profit by potentially life-saving SEQRID features.
  • 2Each activated product lets you stay connected with the customer. Your logo is represented in the customer's SEQRID portal and you receive statistics of your activated products.
  • 3No further obligations for you as a manufacturer. You only need to apply the SEQRID QR-code in your production line. No IT investments and no operational expenses.

Our experts work with you to integrate SEQRID into your product. We develop solutions specially adapted for your production line.

We would be happy to consult you on the possibilities with SEQRID.

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Examples of SEQRID integrated into products

Examples of how the integration of SEQRID into products can look like. Whether with a metal badge or with a fabric patch. You just need to integrate the SEQRID QR-code into your production process to enable SEQRID for your product. We would be happy to provide our help to you for the integration method.

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What does my customer get with SEQRID on my product?


The customer is given the opportunity to personalize the product and to get a SEQRID safety pass associated. On the one hand, this makes it easier to return a lost product and, on the other hand, the customer benefits in case of an emergency from the SEQRID safety pass - be it in the event of accidents or medical emergencies.

To do this, your customer simply activate the product on the SEQRID website and link it to their SEQRID safety pass.


What investments are necessary to integrate SEQRID into my product?


The investments concern two areas: the adaptation of a product production line to apply the SEQRID QR-code in some form (print, sew, etc) and the purchase of the SEQRID codes. We offer special conditions for manufacturers according to the needed quantities.

No investments are necessary for operation - neither one-time nor ongoing costs.


How can I present my brand in SEQRID?


SEQRID offers several ways to present your brand:

  • Each of your activated products can be shown with the company logo in the SEQRID portal.
  • The company logo including a short message can be displayed on the start page of the customer account.
  • We will add your products to our SEQRID online shop.

Please contact us for individual advice.


Do I get the data from the registered customers?


No. The customer data will not be passed to anyone by us.

However, you can receive statistical data such as the number of activated products over time or an age distribution.


Does my company have access to the customer's emergency data?


No. Your company can only read the data via the normal retrieval of the safety pass by scanning a QR code. However, SEQRID will immediately inform the customer via email about each registered scan.


What are the requirements that the emergency information is retrievable by a SEQRID-code scan?


To scan the SEQRID-code on your product you need a device with a QR-code scanner. Often these scanners are already integrated into the camera function of a mobile phone. Alternatively there are a lot of apps for all operating systems.

Additionally the scanning device needs a connection to the internet to request data from a web-server. In case of mobile phone a data connection needs to be available. The response time is dependend of the signal strength and the quality of the used mobile network.


Can the customer still pass/sell my product?


Yes. The SEQRID code on the product is activated for the customer and linked with the SEQRID safety pass.

However, the customer can deactivate the SEQRID product in his account at any time. The product can then be reactivated in another account.


How many SEQRID-products can my customer use?


Everyone can activate as many SEQRID products as he/she likes (e.g. on helmets, gloves, employee-id, etc.)


Can the customer delete the data anytime?


Yes. The customer can delete the data and also close the account anytime.